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Thousands of businesses in the network get paid handsomely for agreeing to reduce energy usage during periods of peak demand. (i.e. summer heat waves)

Energy Partners can perform a demand response audit to help you determine your demand response electric reduction capabilities and the revenue you may be entitled to.

You only need to demonstrate the capability for reducing the amount of kw demand that you have predetermined. You are never required to participate in an actual event, nor are you penalized in any way for not meeting your target reduction.

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EPC helps tailor audits to your facility's energy and operational characteristics with focus on the following areas:

  • Electrical distribution system

  • Identification of large electrical loads

  • Load profile analysis

  • Existing energy management systems and controls

  • Equipment operating hours and cycle times

  • Energy (kWh) saving options

  • Load profile / demand shaving techniques


Let us help you maximize the revenue you may be entitled to for what is a very valuable and possibly hidden commodity in your business – the demand kilowatts you are able to curtail and trade in a very lucrative market.

At the same time you’ll participate in relieving grid stress and reducing the overall carbon footprint of electricity generation in your state.


These fiscally and environmentally responsible and progressive behaviors your business learns to incorporate will become more and more valuable, both economically and ecologically, as demand reduction becomes more and more necessary and more richly rewarded with each passing year.

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