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So, you like saving money?

We do, too! That is why our team has agreed to assist
in seeking out individuals in leadership roles, like you,
who recognize the importance of being fiscally

One of the easiest ways to save 7.5%-10% on your electric bill is through a program
backed by the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority
(NYSERDA) and other state agencies across the country.


Anyone who pays an electric bill also pays for a tax to fund these programs. Therefore, we think it's only fair that those who contribute to the funding benefit from it! But to receive the
financial savings, we need the leaders of our schools, businesses, and
organizations to take the initiative and enroll in the FREE energy programs.


One such energy program is called Community Solar.

NO, you don't need to install solar panels!

Please submit your contact information below to learn how easy it is to participate in this FREE program.


Gloria, our Senior Energy Consultant, will be happy to share her knowledge with you, either in person or via tele-call or old-fashioned phone call. 

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If you want to get a head start, you can visit our Community Solar page to better understand the importance of your role in helping to fight climate change.

NO, there is absolutely no charge!


Contact Now

If you prefer to email Selina, click here & she will get right back to you!

Or give her a call at 518-488-3057

EPC will never sell your information.

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