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With electricity and natural gas deregulation, you now have the right to select your energy suppliers and shop for your energy supply. Deregulation and shopping for your electricity and natural gas allows you to save money, manage risk in a volatile energy market and reduce the uncertainty of your outgoing expenses.

Each deregulated state has multiple suppliers to choose from, all claiming to be the best. Unless you have a specialist or division devoted to energy procurement, how do you know:

  • Which suppliers are reliable?
  • How to compare confusing offers?
  • How to decipher confusing contract terms?
  • How to make a true apples to apples comparison of competitive offers?

The answer might be that you don’t know the answers to these and other questions and may be paying more on your monthly energy bills than necessary. This is where EPC comes in.

Delegate your energy supply procurement negotiations to our energy consultants

Let us ensure that your pricing is at or below current market conditions and that you are making an informed decision on this volatile expense in your business.

EPC studies historical trends and current events while taking into account future possibilities to help you mitigate risk. Our partnerships with leading, reliable and trustworthy ESCO’s ensure that you will procure your electricity and natural gas at the most competitive rates and most favorable terms possible.

We thoroughly analyze our clients’ needs and supply them with a detailed, FREE energy usage analysis. We then shop the value of your supply volume to the best 3rd party suppliers in the market, presenting you with a variety of the best options available.

The ultimate decision on how you procure your energy is yours. EPC is not partial; we will offer our best insight into the inner-workings of all the ESCO’s.

There is no cost whatsoever from start to finish for the procurement services we provide. You will never receive a bill from EPC and our efforts will only lower the rates that you will be offered in the market.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our relationships with the leading ESCO’s, lean business model and continuous success in educating our customers on making the right choices ensures that we will continue to deliver superior results compared to any other method of energy procurement.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Let EPC leverage your load profile and electric volume to secure the most favorable terms for your Renewable Energy Credits/Cerificates. We typically help our clients save between 25 and 50% total cost and, at times, even more.



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