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What are Energy Service Companies (ESCO's)? ESCO's are companies that are registered with the Public Service Commission and your local utility. They compete to sell you natural gas and electricity. No matter which energy supplier you choose, your utility will continue to deliver the energy to your business and will respond to service emergencies.

Who will bill me for my energy supply? In most cases, you will receive one convenient bill from your local utility that will include the charges from the ESCO.

Is there a fee for switching? In most cases, there is no charge for enrolling nor are there any termination fees. Local utilities do not charge any fees for switching either. In fact, most utilities offer incentives for participating in deregulation.

How can ESCOs' prices be lower than the utility? There are various taxes and charges that are included in the utility rate that the utility is required to charge by law. As an incentive to switch from the local utility to an ESCO, sales tax and other tariffs will be eliminated from the supply portion of the bill. This varies from location to location but typically results in at least 4% savings from your total energy costs.

Will I still be a customer of my utility? Your local utility owns the power lines that carry electricity to your business or institution and they will continue to bill you "for the delivery" of electricity at rates governed by the state. The actual electricity will continue to be delivered by the utility on record for your geographic area. The portion of your bill that you are shopping for is the commodity and is supplied by an Energy Service Company (ESCO). It is the supply rate that you pay for per kilowatt hour (kWh) or per therm/CCF.

What if the power goes out? If you lose power or have an emergency related to your power, you must still notify your utility. Utilities are required to respond with equal attention to all of their customers. They do not, cannot and would not discriminate against customers who use other energy providers. In fact, most states provide incentives for customers to use energy service companies.

Will I notice any changes to my service? When you make the switch, your electrical service will continue uninterrupted. The only change will be who receives your monthlyfor the supply portion of your new low-cost electricity or natural gas supply. Although you will continue to receive a utility bill, the amount will reflect only the charge for basic power transmission over the utility's infrastructure.

Who is responsible for safety and reliability of power delivery? The delivery system is still the responsibility of the utility and, therefore, so is its safety and reliability. The utility will maintain the lines and repair them if there is an outage or storm and the regulatory body overseeing utilities in your state will help to ensure that the utility continues to provide a safe, reliable delivery system for your use.

What if I have a question about my bill? For questions regarding the supply portion of your bill, you will have direct contact with the staff at EPC as well as your chosen ESCO. For questions regarding the delivery of your service (such as outages, meter checks, etc.) contact your local utility. EPC can also be a resource for you in communicating with your local utility on matters related to your energy service.



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